Hi...just a quick update though...
I've been very busy and been hiatus from lj about months...
So I can focus on my final year project...and so graduating from uni..
And at last,i've been able to breathe properly and let all out from my mind..yeah!!
For my lj friends...sorry for not been able to post, catch up,comment,even say hi to whom added me as ur friend...
Certainly..theres a lot of things happening around lj..including the japan earthquake..i aware of that and do my honour as a donor even the amount that i gave was just a little..huhu
I'll be back after my final exam...about end of may...
let us keep in touch friends..(^.^)

Hi there..for my friends that had been longing to know what im doing rite now..hoho..ive been quite hiatus for a long time..gomen for not informing..since theres a lot of time that ive been spending hiatus..i considerably have urge things that should be done..

Since its new year..i should review some of the past things that i go through in last 6 month of 2010...because i thought that it was the awfully and pressuring time i had so far..and so,i can move forward for the new start hopefully..

1. Im doing my practical..all about science computer..its put me in a long and hard day..tension and pressure..but i keep on track..
2. Been searching like crazy for title of my final year project..so sad that its been rejected when im wholeheartedly wanted to perform research on it..and i changed  the title later..oh~~
3. On tight schedule since i have to balancing my time with the army training on weekend and working my brain for the weekdays...
4.Till the last days of my practical..i need to prepare bunch of documentation,presentation and finished up my job..supervisor come and reviewing my work plus marking my grade on the practical lessons...
5. I need to complete my army training camp for about 2 weeks..all about physical and mental training..try imagine that i have to carry a styer weight 4kg, wearing army helmet, always in arm suit, march and conduct orders..a lot of things..i even hadnt bath for a week..aah...luckily ive past it now...yokatta~~
6. Last but not least, i stated earlier that this period that ive been through was really bad since doctor had diagnosed me with migraine and high blood pressure when im only in my 20..how thats sounds?? have to meet with the doctor for further check up..Of course im worry to death..

After the diagnosis from doctor, he assured me to rest and keep my mind on relax state..so im not been able to take any things throughly..and i start to dump some of things from my head..including stop thinking for my final year project session (should be send and keep track with the lecturer)..even arashi couldnt help me that time..Then, i really throw things away,not thinking seriously that supposed to..like being dummy for a while..hoho

I think that im okay a bit rite now..my new semester will start tomorrow..just hoping that 2011 will bring me more luck and keep my health as it should be..

So..lets go through this new year with high spirit and better from past year..and please pray for my health too...^^

First To Go...
Jumoji desu..
You can called me moji-chan..juu..jumoji..which u preferred..^^
Im 100% arashi's fan..
and my fandom will always about them..no other than that..
my ichiban..will definitely be jun-kun..
totally in love with him..
Wanna befriend with me??
I love to...
Plus..im very bad at posting arashi related fanart..
im learning right now..on editing and other related graphic job..
It will take time..its a matter about patient ne~~
Wanna someone to be my sensei...#_#


For all this time..Finally,I can free myself..Collapse )

Its been a long time since my last post...
im quite busy with my student life..and my fandom tension towards arashi kinda lowered too..
its not because im not love them anymore..its because of my work and assignments make me put them aside for awhile..
I just barely keep up with their latest update..hmm..taihen...
and im pressured myself a lot..
being scolded by lecturers,got some personal advice from them..and what make me even pissed of..all the nagging stuff was for my housemate that always skipped classes and not doing any of the assignments..
hmm..im enough with my own probs..and got to plus their probs too..i will die soon..#0#
somebody help me~~~
since it become like this..my hates towards them is increasing day by day...arghh..(did i mention 3 of my housemate??)
just hope to finish my degree soon and don wanna meet them again..yada~~
shukudaikun had end its airing..and watched it..and feel so sad and totally will missed them..
cant wait for their new show..arashi no shiyagare..
gomen ne..my post become like this..blame those(housemates)!!
i missed eqamyra..huhuhu..^^

Alone & lonely..??
I am alone & lonely...being an arashi fangirl really does made me happy..but it can be awkward if people around u dont understand what are u doing exactly..
I love to surf and find info about arashi--thats what fangirl do ne~~
often..i got shy because people around me will questioning on what im doing and asking about them a lot..some of them even said things that hurt u..like why i like them so much and blah blah..
still..i love arashi more and more..and now..i really prefer privacy when doing fangirling..
always keep myself alone in the room and burst out laugh alone when watching arashi videos..huhu..
Im hoping that people like that know how to respect other interest and do tolerate with people like me ne...^0^

**is it true that shukudaikun will end its airing?? I will miss them so much in that show..uh..uh..*-*

Who knows...help me..
I've been searching the complete list of arashi's single..
their songs and even the solos from each member..
from their debut till now..
I dun wanna miss even a song to be include in my arashi playlist ne~~
hopefully..theres someone could help me to find it...
onegaishimasu..m(_ _)m


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